In the course of time

The history of Troisdorf's T-Park as we know it today began at the end of the 19th century. Before, the across-boarder-know company Dynamit Nobel AG used this big area as their business premises. Only a few buildings remind of the era where mostly plastic and exploder products were produced and then shipped worldwide. It rather shows signs of departure. Modern, innovative companies of different industries have found their ideal location in the technology and industry park. These dynamics expedite T-Park. But history emphasizes that responsibility has always been and will be the "motor" of the development.

Moving forward innovatively

The goal of T-Park in Troisdorf is the progression of technology and industry, economy and the region and - most importantly - for the people who live and work there. To reliably and sustainably ensure such a development it requires a clear strategy which includes more than just the original asset management. Therefore, T-Park pursues an all in all concept which considers development potentials beyond the classic property management. This is including the planning of offices' city connections, building of specialty market centers and other shopping facilities as well as day care centers for the compatibility of family and work.